Word Studies On The Antichrist-Part 3-Man Of Sin–5/17/07

Word Studies on the Antichrist- Part 3 The Man of Sin


Word Studies


The Antichrist


Part 3

The “Man of Lawlessness”


The “Man of Sin”


R.A. Coombes

Author of “America, The Babylon” Vols 1 &2

The term “man of lawlessness” is the third term in our word study series on The Antichrist.

This term is found only once in the Bible and that is the Apostle Paul’s second letter to the church at Thessalonica and chapter 2, verse  It is used as yet another term for “The Antichrist” and is very descriptive in regards to one key character trait of this individual who is the one especially empowered by Satan as Satan’s ultimate counterfeit to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Office of Messiah.

The original Greek text here is somewhat mixed. Some of the earliest Greek manuscripts that we have use the Greek word

Now keep in mind that Jesus warns us, that false prophets and false messiahs will come to deceive if possible” the very elect.” (Matt 24:24 & Mk 13:22) Keep in mind though that this is a reference to numerous false messiahs and false Christs. He is not indicating here “the Great Apostasy” that is mentioned now by Paul in chapter 2, verse 3. Why? Because, Jesus uses the plural form indicating many such events and opportunities and not the singular event mentioned now by Paul.

The implication Jesus gives is that the “elect” could be deceived because the elect is to be around at the time to witness it. Yet, here in 2nd Thessalonians, we get no indication that the church might be deceived into falling away. Remember that when Paul states, “let no man deceive you” he is referring to the order of events, not to the rebellion or revolt itself. Again, he’s saying first comes the revolt and the Man of Lawlessness and then the Day of the Lord comes afterwards.

Now let’s continue with a look at the Man who is to come.

In the last section of verse 3 we find the term “man of sin.” The KJV word “sin” is a misleading translation. The original Greek word that Paul uses is not the Greek word for sin. The Greek word for “sin” is “hamartia.” [ Strong’s Code #266. ] It was an archer’s term for when the arrow missed the bull’s-eye of the target. The term, “hamartia” can not found in any of the early Greek manuscripts for this particlar verse. It is only found, in the younger manuscripts that were available to the KJV translators. These manuscripts available to the KJV translators were copies made two to three hundred years after what is found in the oldest Greek texts, which is the powerful word “anomias.” 


There are many who claim that the KJV is perfectly translated, without error and the closest thing we have to the mind of God. Some radical wacko proponents of the KJV-only dogma believe that the KJV translators were the total opposite of the today’s New-Age translations that have been deliberately altered by translators who are in league with the New World Order and the forces of the Antichrist.

What is particularly ironic in such thinking is that the older copies which use the word “anomia” are actually pointing to the Illuminati and the New-Age indicating that the Antichrist is an Illuminist who is the “man of chaos” – for which the term and concept of “chaos” is central in the Illuminati strategy of conquering the world for the Antichrist. Indeed, the Antichrist is the “man of chaos” and thus the term is pointing to the Antichrist as being part and parcel to the Illuminati.

If a KJV-only person ignores this information, he does so at his own peril. This only goes to prove that while the KJV might be a good and decent translation, it is not the “perfect” understanding in MINUTE DETAIL that one will find in the actual original Greek and Hebrew texts.

Frankly the KJV-only crowd simply shows their complete and utter “insanity” and “mental illness” and in fact, an intellectual shallowness and mental incapability to grasp the complexities of translating anything from one language to another.

One more point, the Illuminati and Freemasons have been donating money to both the KJV-only crowd as well as providing funds for new translations. The KJV-only crowd is being used as tools and pawns of Satan to create more “chaos” and discord for the successful arrival of the Antichrist. How ironic is that?

What is particularly interesting though, as it pertains to our word in question, anomia versus sin.

Anomias is a compound word:


“an” = ( a negative particle) = “no”

“nomias” = “law”


Literally = “no-law”



Word Study: Anomias

[ Strong’s Code # 458 ]

Let’s Look At The Various Lexicon Definitions:

#1. Strongs Generic Definition


According to Strong’s the word means: “not amenable to law.”


#2. Mounce’s Greek Lexicon

Mounce states: “Lawless.” “Without law.” “Lawlessness”


#3. Thayer’s Greek Lexicon =

Thayer statesL the condition of one without law, without law, destitute of law.


#4. Moulton’s Lexicon =

H.K Moulton states: Lawless, without law, violating law, lawlessness, iniquity, sin.


#5. B-A-G=D = Bauer, Arndt, Gingrich & Danker’s Lexicon =

B-A-G-D states: Lawlessness. Contempt for law.



We can summarize the above as:  

1. a condition without law, such as a state of being. Lawless or anarchy.

2. contempt/hatred for law, by implication also of moral absolutes.


IF, we note the rawness of the compound word – we should note then this is a Man of “no-law.”


Note that there are two words synonymous with anomia:

 #1. anarchy – which indicates no law or lawlessness and leads to chaos & disorder


#2. chaos –  total disorder or confusion.



So that, we could state that the “Man” mentioned in verse 3 is a Man of “no-law” and if a man is of “no-law” he is one who is operating through lawlessness or anarchy and or chaos or better yet all three combined.


Now this then becomes interesting because we could say that verse 3 is describing:

A man of lawless chaos

So that we could state verse 3 as follows …

So that we could state verse 3 as follows …


“Let no man deceive you by any means because until the revolt comes first and the man of chaos is revealed, the son of perdition.”


In other words, this character operates under a stratagem of “no-law” or anarchy or chaos.


Now, it just so happens that there is a group operating on the human scene for past 200+ years called the Illuminati which is a group dedicated to bringing “Lucifer” to power to rule the Earth and to be worshipped as being the God of the Universe. Their motto describes their method of operating secretly as a “mystery religion” by the use of their term:


“Ordo Ab Chao” or “Out of Chaos Comes Order”


Above: A Crest/Seal of the Illuminati Movement

“Ordo Ab Chao”

“Out of Chaos comes Order”

But What Kind of Order?

“Novus Ordo Seclorum”


“The New Order of the Ages”


As found on the US Great Seal


Now, the Illuminist movement is but a re-founding of the old Babylonian mystery religion of Ishtar, the Mother of the Harlots and the other mystery religions of Babylon. The Illuminati was the more modern up-to-date version of the Knights Templar dating back to the middle ages, who picked up the dogmas from other mystery religion groups operating in the Holy Land.


The Knights Templar organization was forced underground by the Catholic Church who spotted their satanic nature. The Knights then took over Freemasonry and kept their mystery religion doctrines alive in the highest degrees of Freemasonry. In1776, the Illuminati movement came into being under Adam Weishaupt, (a close friend of Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin) as a more political wave for building the geo-political platform for the coming of the “Man of Chaos,” the Antichrist. Thus, the organization’s motto and chief stratagem – “Out of chaos, comes order” as in The New World Order.


Illuminists today are the “movers” and “shakers” within the shadows of ultimate power using the banking industry as their main operating basis which in turn controls the politicians. They have bragged about creating chaos in geo-political circles so that they can then bring about a measure of their own order, in a series of seemingly endless cycles, slowly building plank after plank in the platform for which the Antichrist or “man of chaos” will stand and rule Earth.


If our reasoning is correct, and we think it is, then all of this talk in the past few years about a “New World Order” is but a signal for the soon arrival and revealing of the “Man of Chaos” coming from within the Illumined-Masonic realm.


It should also be noted, but we’ll deal with this further in verse 7, that the term “mystery” is applied to our “man” as is the word “anomia.” This further solidifies our logic, because the Illuminists dogmas and doctrines are the mystery doctrines of Babylonian religion.



Let’s consider more about this “man of chaos” or “lawlessness.”




His Titles


The designation “man of chaos” or lawlessness is not a personal name but a characterization of the man. The other term used “son of perdition” assures his final destiny. This expression was also applied to Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus.


His Revelation


The importance of this revelation is seen by the repetition of the verb “revealed” in verse 3 as well as verses 6 and 8. The verb in verse 3 is in the aorist tense, which points to a definite anticipated event. That he is revealed implies his presence upon earth before his manifestation.


His work


The man of lawlessness will be the personification of pride and ego. He will seek to destroy all forms of worship, both Christian and non-Christian. He is not only anti-Christian but also anti-theistic. He will seek to abolish all forms of worship by replacing them with himself. Everything within the sphere of man’s religious activity will be banned. He will blasphemously take his seat in “the temple of God.” This implies the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem, yet the original Greek term is “Naon” =Strong’s # 3485 – “Shrine” also used of the inner sanctuary of the temple – i.e. The Holy of Holies. It could even be possibly the Ark of the Covenant. The term is also used of a pagan temple where the inner sanctum room held an image of the pagan god.


On this basis, it would appear that this man of lawlessness or chaos will offer himself up as a ‘god’ above gods or as ‘the God’ which may involve some sort of image either in a newly constructed Temple on the Temple mount or perhaps in a Tabernacle-tent on the Temple Mount. If so, the desecration may well be over the Holy of Holies area. At least this is the conjectured assumption by many leading prophecy commentators.


Paul’s term “man of anomia” or “man of chaos” then gives us yet another facet into the character traits that make up this entity which theologians and scholars generally refer to as “The Antichrist.”


This concludes the 3=part series of word studies in the New Testament related to The Antichrist to help readers better understand the meaning of the terms.

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