The Jewish Calendar And Feasts: Comments From an A-O Reader–9/9/10

The Jewish Calendar & Feasts: Comments from an A-O Reader

A-O Reader Comments

Concerning the Jewish Calendar & Feasts

Editor’s Note: We received this email message from an A-O reader and felt it was worth sharing with you. – Something to think about.

One thing to be aware of… the Rabbinical calendar was created by Hillel the 2nd in the 4th century. The Hillel calendar was created as the last act of the Sanhedrin asthey were being expelled from Israel. The calendar ignores the Biblical reckoning oftime, and is primarily responsible for many misunderstandings regarding feast days.

I am a believer and follower of Messiah Yahshua. The seven moedim (appointed times) of YHWH – known as Feasts in the western world, are all prophetic shadow pictures ofMessiah. The Spring Feasts detail his first coming as suffering Servant… this iswhat the Rabbis all agree was the purpose of Mashiyach Ben Yoseph (Messiah Son of Joseph). The Fall Feasts detail Messiah’s return as conquering king – as MashiyachBen Dawid (Messiah Son of David).

The problems with the Rabbinical calendar are many. First, the “beginning of months” according to Exodus 12 is the “month of the Aviv barley”. The month of the Avivhappens when the barley in Israel is Aviv (Spring). Aviv is a level of ripeness -Not completely ripe, as to fall off the stock …but ripe enough that it can be parched in fire and grinded to make bread for h’Bikkurim (First Fruits offering )which it’s the First day of the week following the first Shabbat after Pesach (Passover). These are Spring Feasts.

The Biblical way to reckon the new year was first to declare the barley “aviv” then to wait for the first sliver of the Rosh Chodesh (Head of the Renewed) – or therenewed (sliver) moon, sighted by two or more witnesses was the beginning of a“month” (where we get the word “month” from).

So, when the barley is aviv, and the Rosh Chodesh is sighted, the Rosh Hashanah (New Year) begins. It is never in the 7th month of Tisheri. The Rabbis changed this toobscure the purpose of the Feast of Trumpets – The resurrection and return ofMessiah.

So what’s my point? It is simply this. Israel was declared “a nation in one day”
(Isaiah 66:8) on the seventh Sabbath of the counting of the omer. The next day was Shavuot (Feast of weeks)… Shavuot is a microcosm of the Jubilees. So, Israel’s “NewBeginning” starts on Shavuot the day after they were declared a nation. This beganthe 70 years to return of Mashiyach as laid out in Daniel (3rd layer). So why did everyone miss this prophetic date? The Jewish world was following Hillel’s calendar…not the Aviv barley / sliver moon calendar that God gave us.

Another example is Israel’s “covenant with death”. It was a 7 year agreement called the Oslo Accords – September 13th, 1993. This was a fulfillment of Isaiah 28:15.Considering that this was a 7 year treaty… and that The Almighty said HE would annulit… it had to end within 7 years (Isaiah 28:18).

What happened on September 28th, 2000? Ariel Sharon ascended the Temple Mount… read from the last day prophesy of Ezekiel… and war between Israel and muslim world brokeout that day. It is known as the 2nd Intifada:

What is more significant? It was the first sliver (Rosh Chodesh) of the 7th month.
It was THE FEAST OF TRUMPETS according to the BIBLICAL calendar:

But nobody in Israel realized this because they don’t keep the Biblical calendar..
they keep the Rabbinical Calendar, which completely ignores The Almighty’s calendar… and obscured His Feasts. By the way, the Feasts are never called “Jewish Feasts”or “Israel’s Feasts”. They are called “The FEASTS OF YHWH”. They are His… and theyare for ALL generations – as “Kadosh Miqra’im” – Holy Rehearsals!  Rehearsals of what? Messiahs 1st and 2nd coming!

This year is the beginning of the final Shavua of Daniel. This is the 63rd year of
Israel being declared “ a nation in one day”.

Something significant. The Shofar had three primary purposes.


1.) was to warn the people of impending danger

2.) To gather the people together (a shadow picture of the resurrection?)

3.)The third purpose was to declare war.

This year, the first sliver of the seventh new moon will be September 11th –Coincidence?


Could Israel’s enemy be plotting something as a memorial of theirattack on the U.S.? Could they be planning an attack on Shabbat, knowing that Israelwill be resting on this day? Could The Almighty have something planned in response,on HIS Feast day – HIS MOED (Appointed time)?

Remember that Israel is 10 hours ahead of the US Pacific time zone… 13 hours ahead of NY time. And remember that the “next day” begins at sunset according to theScriptures.

Will we miss the prophetic fulfillment once again because we are following theRabbinical calendar, the Julian Calendar, Gregorian calendar… or any other man-made calendar?

Just a few things to think about.

Oh, one more thing.

All of YHWH’s seven feasts falls within the month. Passover is the 14th day after “Rosh Hashanah”.  Unleavened bread begins that nigh… the 15th …all of the Feast days could be “calculated” once the New Moon was sighted for themonth.

All of the feasts fall within the month – Except one – Yom Taruah (Day of Blowing)
known as The Feast of Trumpets.

Why could we not calculate the Feast of trumpets? Because you could not start the Feast until the sliver moon was sighted by “two witnesses”. Remember there was noNASA and no computers back then. Each month is 29.530587 days long. So, you couldhave a 29 or 30 day month… depending on when the sliver was sighted.

Why does this matter? For two reasons. First – Jews have always believed that the
resurrection would happen on Trumpets (Yom Taruah). Interesting since we know the B’rit Chadasha – Renewed Covenant Scriptures (New Testament) tells us that we willbe raised… “At the last Shofar” 1st Corinth 15:52

But even more interesting is the fact that you could not begin the Feast until the
sliver was sighted by “two witnesses” at which time the Shofars would blow and the Feast would begin. For this reason, it was always known as “The Feast of which no man knoweth the day,nor the hour”.

Something to think about.

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