Obama’s Israel Trip and Daniel 9:27 Textual Analysis–3/8/13

Obama’s Israel Trip and Daniel 9:27 Textual Analysis




President Obama and His Israel Trip

Will Obama Fulfill the Prophecies of Daniel 9:27?

Textual Analysis of Daniel 9:27






There is a quiet rumbling around the internet, in discussion forums and individual blogs speculating that President Obama’s upcoming trip to Israel may or may not fulfill the prophecy of Daniel 9:27 making President Obama the Antichrist or “Beast” of Daniel’s prophecies.

Keep in mind that most of the churches in America are sound asleep when it comes to Bible Prophecy. This includes the supposedly “Bible-believing,” fundamental, evangelical churches. Why?

Most churches have aspirations of becoming bigger and therefore better in serving the Lord. The idea is that “bigger is better.” Bigger means greater spiritual success, right? So many churches, even the once steadfast fundamental, evangelical churches are taking their cues from the most popular and “successful” Pastor Rick Warren, author of many books dealing with being “purpose-driven.”

Pastor Warren advocates that churches stop teaching Bible Prophecy and quit watching the news for prophetic developments. Instead, Warren argues that Churches and believers need to quit focusing on Christ’s Return and instead focus on ‘growing the church.’ His recipe for success is to present Christian Psychology programs that ‘tickle the ears’ of congregations. He advocates programs, lots of them all intended to turn churches into social clubs. Biblical teaching is watered down and sound doctrine is minimized for emerging churches, particularly the “mega-churches.” Warren skilfully twists scripture to support his views and does an especially noteworthy job of strangling, distorting and misinterpreting  the passage in Acts concerning Jesus’ ascension to heaven. He totally ignores the imperative mood commands Jesus gives during the Olivet Discourse concerning prophecy and being alert and on-watch always for His

With this as a backdrop, the Church, particularly in America, is fast asleep, in dreamland, totally ignorant of profound developments in Bible Prophecy, not realizing that much of the book of Revelation is about to begin fulfillment before the generation that witnessed Israel’s re-birth dies away. Jesus clearly stated that the Parable of the Fig Tree and the rebirth of Israel was the key sign that His Return would happen in the lifetime of the generation that witnessed Israel’s rebirth. Well that generation is aging and beginning to disappear. It will totally vanish in the next 5 to 20 to 40 years maximum depending on which generation Jesus was referring to.

Satan’s forces are now attempting to force prophetic fulfillments to completion as rapidly as possible, yet most American believers are fast asleep, reminiscent of Jesus’ parable of the sleeping virgins. In fact, the Church seems to be fulfilling that prophetic parable right now.

Given this background, those of us who are spiritually wise and awake are watching carefully to see what may develop from President Obama’s visit to Israel. Will Obama fulfill Daniel 9:27? Is Obama the Antichrist?

This author has serious doubts that President Obama is the Antichrist. Instead, he may well be a proto-type or forerunner or he may be a patsy for the New World Order and become a “fake” Antichrist as part of a New World Order strategy to stage fake Biblical Prophecy fulfillments in order to fool the Church and the World into accepting the real Antichrist who comes along to save the day from a “fake” antichrist. After all, Satan loves to appear as a “messenger of light” and having a “fake” antichrist to conquer enables Satan’s “man of lawlessness” to shine as a being of “messianic light.”

Keep in mind that according to Israeli sources, the Netanyahu government is preparing a reception for President Obama that could indeed become a “messianic” arrival. Numerous elements are in play that could be interpreted as Messianic, including the actual “code-name” for the Israeli government’s operation that manages the reception for President Obama. The code-name given in English is “Unbreakable Alliance” but the ancient Hebrew version lines up very well with the Hebrew of Daniel 9:27 and the modern Hebrew word “Brit” which is the same as the ancient Hebrew but with spelling variants – “beryith” often translated as “covenant” but which can have slightly different meaning variances including covenant, alliance or simply a gentleman’s verbal agreement. It need not be a signed treaty, although it can mean that also.

So why is the Israeli government using the term “brit amim” as the name for its operations that will oversee managing the President’s trip. Brit amim in ancient Hebrew literally means Covenant with Many or Covenant with many peoples. Why that term? Also, why is President Obama being given a medal of distinction upon his arrival? Why is he arriving] on March 20, the 10th day of Nisan (same as Palm Sunday – Nisan 10) and just 4 days before Passover.

Also, what is the occult significance of his trip happening during the spring equinox and his departure on March 22, (3/22) a day with high occult numerological significance, particularly for the Illuminati and the “Skull and Bones” society. There will be an ice sculpture of the President on display within a short distance of the Temple Mount.

Also what is the significance of the trip occuring as the Catholic Church elects a new Pope, and of the RCC being given total control of the building believed to be the one that housed the “Upper Room” and the Last Supper. What are the possibilities of  an unplanned visit to that historic spot by the President? Or perhaps the President and a newly elected Pope meeting in that room? There is also much speculation that President Obama will visit the Temple Mount and the Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock, believed by some to be the Abomination of Desolation.

There is also mounting speculation and rumor that the President may finalize a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. After all, Obama will visit the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah on his second day, March 21.

There are lots of questions and specualtions arising around the President’s trip to Israel. Some Bible Prophecy watchers on the internet are raising lots of speculations about this trip and the potential for fulfillment of Daniel 9:27.

So let’s turn to what Daniel’s prophecy actually states




Daniel 9:27a

“And he shall make a covenant with many …”

In Hebrew:

#1396    #1285    #7227     #259     #7620
גבר        ברית        רב          אחד       שבוע
gabar    beriyth       rab       echad   shabuwa.

gabar = #1396 with a Hiphil stem = to confirm, to give strength to a beriyth. The Aramaic equivalent carries the idea of compelling or forcing or being overbearing personality or behavior. The term does NOT necessarily mean something done in writing. It can be something done by verbal speech.

beriyth = #1285 =  generically: a pact, compact, covenant. I. Between men = #1. a treaty, alliance, league. #2. constitution or ordinance between monarch & subjects. #3. an agreement or pledge between leaders. 4. alliance of friendship. 5. alliance via marriage. II. Between God and man.  III. As a verb, meaning  covenant-making or covenant keeping or violating a covenant depending on context.

rab = #7227 = much, many, great,

ehad = #259 = one

shabuwa = 7620 = week


This phrase does NOT indicate a peace treaty. The idea of a peace treaty is a total assumption not supported by the text. What the text does say is that “he” is someone who agrees to something or makes a pledge with another leader. There is a strong hint that this is an agreement or pledge of friendship or the strengthening of an “understanding.” It may or may not be something agreed to in writing. It may or may not involve and alliance or treaty.
The text is simply too vague to conclude that there is a formal peace treaty or defense alliance.

The Greek Septuagint Version:

2532           1412                         1242              4183                1442                    1520
και         δυναμώσει               διαθήκην         πολλοίς          εβδομάς                μία
And    he shall strengthen     covenant    with many    period of sevens           one

dunamohsay = #1412 = he shall strengthen

diatheken = #1242 = #1.an attitude, an arrangment of any sort which one wishes to be valid. #2. a covenant or agreement.

pollois = #4183 = much, many. Could be a reference to people or to words as in reference to the agreement spoken or written. This would mean some sort of agreement that involved more than a mere head nod or handshake.

ebdomas = #1442 = seven

mia = #1520 = one

Conclusion:  Here again, the phrase does not specifically state any sort of formal, written contract. In fact, it could be a loose, spoken agreement using many words of affirmation.

There is nothing in this verse to indicate a peace treaty. There is nothing in the verse to indicate anything is put into writing. The time frame indicates a one week period of sevens, strongly suggesting a 7 year period of time but it does NOT indicate a 7 year agreement. It also does not mean that it starts a 7 year period of time. Once again we make an assumption if we assert it is a 7 year agreement.


Now let’s move on to the rest of Daniel 9:27


Daniel 9:27b

“and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make [it] desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.”

Hebrew-English Interlinear


#2677           #7620             #2077          #4503        #7673
ישצח             עובש              חבז               החנמ                 תבש
chetsiy        shabuwa       zebach      minchah    shabath

#3671             #8251           #8074          #3617          #2782
ףנכ              ץוקש             םמש               הלכ                    ץרח
kanaph       shiqquwts    shamem       kalah         charats

#5413            #8074
ךתנ                  םמש
nathak         shamem



Chetsiy = #2677 = half, middle, an arrow–in the signification of dividing

Shabuwa = #7620= seven, period of seven (days or years) heptad, week. Also “Feast of Weeks.”

Zebach = #2077 = Sacrifice:

a) sacrifice of righteousness
b) sacrifice of strife
c) sacrifice to dead things
d) the covenant sacrifice
e) the passover
f) annual sacrifice
g) thank offereing

In the KJV the word is translated as “sacrifice” 155 times.
In the KJV the word is translated as “offerings” 6 times.
In the KJV the word is translated as “offer” just 1 time.

Background of Zebach. According to Gesenius’ Lexicon the root term means “a slaying’ i.e. the flesh of slain animals. Also feasts. Also contentious feasts. Generally of a burnt offering. Denotes sacrifices of which but a part were consumed, such as expiatory or eucharist offerings. It is also used in speaking generally of great and solemn sacrifices and sacrificial feasts.

Minchah = #4503 = gift, tribute, offering, present, oblation, sacrifice, meat or grain offering.

Shabath = #7673 = Hiphil imperfect stem. To cause to cease, put an end to. To exterminate, destroy. To cause to desist from. To remove. To cause to fail. According to Gesenius’ Lexicon: 1. To rest. Keep as a day of rest. “The primary idea appears to be that of to sit down, to sit still. To make an enemy to rest. to restrain.

Kanaph = #3671 = a wing, an extremity such as a skirt, corner of a garment. Gesenius’ Lexicon = a wing, so called from its covering. That which has a wing, poetically used of birds. The extremities of the earth. – The highest summit of the Temple..

Shiqquwts = #8251 = a detestable thing, impure, polluted, filthy, used of an idol, an abomination, hated.

Shamem = #8074 = a Polel participle stem. To be stunned, appalling, causing horror, carries more than merely being desolated. If desolate were the intended meaning, the word would have been in the Qal stem

Kalal = #3617 = completion, termination, full end, perfection, consumption, destruction.

Charats = #2782 = Niphal participle stem. To be decisive.

Nathak = # 5413 = Qal imperfect stem. To pour out or to pour forth.

Shamem = #8074 = in the Qal active participle verb form. To be desolated, deflowered, deserted.



... in the middle of the week …(perhaps Feast of Weeks/Shabuwa/Shauvot?) the sacrifice and the gift/tribute/present …. he will cause to stop (or to make the enemy rest) … from the highest summit of the temple … and the idol/impure thing… he will make [it] appalling or he will cause horror … complete horror … decisively … pouring out desolation.

The above is one alternate, possible reading of the verse. So let’s re-examine this alternate reading for a cohesive understanding of what it is trying to convey. There are two divergent possibilities in this alternate approach.

#1. In the middle of the week, “he” takes action against enemy forces to make them stop at the highest point of the Temple Mount and will cause complete horror against their impure thing (activity/combat) and he will decisively pour out desolation (implied – upon the enemy on the Temple Mount.)

In the middle of the (Feast of?) Weeks, the gift/tribute/present he will cause to stop at the highest summit of the Temple (Mount), and with the idol/impure thing … he will cause complete horror, decisively pouring out desolation.



The #1 translation could have 2 potentially different roles:

#1. It would give support to a NWO “FAKE” presentation of the Antichrist, such as President Obama. How so? Let’s consider the possibility that during President Obama’s Israeli visit, Al Qaeda or Hamas launches a terror strike on the Temple Mount with terrorists overcoming the area in a guerilla-type attack with guns, mortars,etc. In response, President Obama tells the Israelis to stand down, and orders the US military to use a “black-ops” weapon, perhaps aerial in nature against the terrorists. It might be something that paralyzes the terrorists instantly. Some sort of beam-like weapon perhaps?



another alternate event…

Palestinians storm the Temple Mount and riot to protest Obama’s presence at the Al Aqsa Mosque or Dome of the Rock. The U.S. military with Secret Service support launches an operation that halts the Palestinian rioters. It might also involve a super-secret “black-ops” weapon.

Consider also this wrinkle in the equation:

President Obama goes to the Temple Mount and announces a Peace Agreement, with a 2-state solution triggering riot activity perhaps or maybe not.



HAARP-oriented technology is used during Obama’s visit, perhaps a spontaneous visit to the Temple Mount gets things rolling. The technology takes over, creating some sort of 3-D hologram on the Temple Mount, perhaps even a hologram of a new Temple. Perhaps even a newly elected Pope makes an unannounced visit to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount… and perhaps the Pope and Obama meet together in the “Upper Room” where the Last Supper was held. Just weeks ago, Israel signed over control of that building to the Vatican.

ALSO — BLUE-BEAM might launch a beam of light or an energy beam onto the Temple Mount that destroys the Dome of the Rock and or Al Aqsa Mosque or both buildings.

Any of these scenarios could paint a public relations gambit to the world that President Obama is following in Jesus’ foot steps and is a new-age Messiah, temporarily thrilling the Israeli Jews, except the ultra-orthodox Jews and a few Christians who are expecting a different “Abomination of Desolation.”

The NWO is only intending to set up Obama for a fall, in which someone else actually takes on the role of Antichrist and is truly Satanically possessed. This would make it look like all prophecy is fulfilled, when in reality it does not.

#2. The traditional interpretation of Daniel 9:27 still applies but the NWO tests out the alternate approach with Obama as the proto-type to see how well the world responds. “Black-Ops” technology including Blue-Beam technology might be used. Even so it does not match the actual text, so that we still would await a future Antichrist figure to come along to fulfill exactly with a rebuilt temple or tabernacle already in place.

Of course, there is still another possible viewpoint to consider. The President’s trip is of no consequence whatsoever for Bible Prophecy fulfillment or for implementing the New World Order. However, such thinking is short-sided. Anything an American president does or does not do has ramifications for the New World Order crowd and will
generally have some sort of impact, to a greater or lesser extent on Biblical Prophecy.

Our conclusion is that with everything that is going on out there in our world, the one thing Church pastors and individual believers in Jesus Christ NEED to realize is that we ARE LIVING in the final gasping moments before the Tribulation era begins. Church Pastors and congregations need to be well-grounded in sound doctrine, particularly the details of Biblical Prophecies. Ignoring or giving lip-service to Bible Prophecy is rebellion against the specific commands of Jesus Christ
given to us during the Olivet Discourse just hours before His crucifixion. See our article on Jesus’ specific commands to the Church concerning prophecy and “watching” for His return.

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