Is Haiti A Preview Of The Tribulation?–1/19/10

Is Haiti A Preview of the Tribulation?

Is Haiti a Pre-Trib Preview

Of The Tribulation

Or Has the Tribulation Started?

By R.A. Coombes

At first glance, when one looks at the immense quantity of stomach-turning headlines and events happening in Haiti, it might seem that the Apocalypse (Book of Revelation) has begun.

Secretary of State referred to the quake’s destruction of Haiti as something of a “Biblical” event.

“It is biblical, the tragedy that continues to stalk Haiti and the Haitian people,” Mrs. Clinton said, referring to the long history of natural disasters plaguing the Caribbean country.

Of course, Hillary was quite correct in noting that Haiti is no stranger to catastrophes that border on Divine Judgment. In fact, calamities have been striking Haiti for more than 200 years.

In 1770, a strong earthquake devastates Port-au-Prince, which at the time was a French colony. Then in 1842 another major quake destroys cities like Cap-Haitian in northern Haiti. In 1935 and unnamed hurricane kills more than 2,000 in Haiti before moving on to Florida where 400 die. After WW 2, in 1946 and 8.1 Magnitude quake hits causing a Tsunami that kills 1790 people. Hurricane Hazel killed hundreds of Haitians in 1954 and in 1963 Hurricane Flora killed 6,000.

About 30 years of respite ensued before Hurricane Gordon slammed Haiti, killing hundreds in 1994, Four years later 80 percent of Haiti’s crops were destroyed when Hurricane Georges roared over the island killing 400 people in its wake. In May of 2004, not yet into the hurricane season a spring storm caused heavy floods that killed more than 2,600 Haitians. Later that September, Tropical Storm Jeanne caused more flooding and landslides that kill 1,900 and leave 200,000 homeless in Gonaives, Haiti’s third largest city.

Tropical Storm Noel struck Haiti in October of 2007, triggering mudslides and flooding that killed at least 57 Haitians. The next year, 2008 saw three hurricanes and a tropical storm batter Haiti. Combined, the storms devastated Haiti’s crops and killed some 800 people and $1 billion in damages.

It is a long list of sorrows that has befallen the tiny island nation. One might ask: “why would God allow such devastation?” Perhaps the better question would be as to “why” God would “permit” rather than “allow” such sorrowful occurrences? Perhaps it is because of Haiti’s past association with Satanic, occult activities and embrace of Voodoo witchcraft.

Some might object and argue that there is little or nor witch craft in Haiti today. Instead the idea of Voodoo, witchcraft and occult religious ceremonies is but a bad stereotype of what had once been a part of Haitian history. Whether or not such aberrant behavior is present to any degree is irrelevant to Divine punishment for such sinful rebellion.

In the Old Testament, God tells the Israelites that practice of witchcraft can result in Divine retribution to the 10th generation.  (See Deuteronomy 23:2)

The 700 Club’s Pat Robertson made such an observation shortly after the earthquake and was vilified by secular, mainstream media. Robertson was no doubt echoing the thoughts of many conservative, evangelical Christians. Even so, he would have been better off having kept such statements from public exposure. Some spiritual truth is simply too much for non-believers because they are spiritually dead and unable to perceive spiritual truth. See First Corinthians chapters 1 through 3 for Paul’s comparison between the natural man, the spiritual man and the carnal man.

The devastation of Haiti, however, may well be related to a historical preponderance for occult activities. As such, Haiti may be a precursor example of what it to befall the world during the Tribulation period as humanity falls deeply into occult worship of Lucifer/Satan and his Antichrist. To some extent, it may foreshadow things to come for Babylon-America, before it’s rendezvous with it’s first prophetically given judgment of fire in one hour of one day that destroys the nation, leaving it never to be inhabited again. Any survivors will be forced to flee the land, forever. (See Isaiah 13:17-21 and Revelation 18:9-24)

The Haitian earthquake is not the heralding of the Tribulation period, itself. Instead it is a warning of what will befall humanity in the near future, when the Antichrist and a one-world government arrive on the scene with power.

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