Daniel’s Vision and The EU–11/5/09

Daniel’s Vision and The EU

Daniel’s Vision and the EU

Plans For Tony Blair To Be

President of EU In Doubt


The EU is preparing to create a new “permanent” office of President, instead of an annual rotating Presidency between nations. Tony Blair was in the running to become the first EU permanent president, but in recent days opposition has begun to develop to oppose his selection. For the past two years it was thought that he’d be a nearly unaniimous choice.
What’s the Prophetic Connection?

The EU is thought by many prophecy “scholars” to be the fulfillment of Daniel’s vision of the Statue in which the legs of the statue were thought to represent the Roman Empire and the feet and toes to be a revived Roman empire consisting of 10 toes.

The problem with identifying the EU with such a theory is that while the statue’s feet has 10 toes, the EU has like 27 members now. When the EU theory was first established as a possibility, the EU didn’t exist. Instead it was called the European Commission or the “EC” and began with only 6 members after WW2.

As the years past, the EC began adding new members as the cold war ended and the Soviet Union collapsed. The problem was that the EU did not stop adding members at the “10” level. It kept growing until now there’s more than two dozen members.

With so many members in the EU, prophecy scholars have come to ignore the number 10 and kept going. The problem with such ignorance is – should the quantity of members be considered when applying the EU as being a fulfillment of Daniel’s vision? This is a question that I find hard to answer with a yes or no as the vision is rather murky. It does raise the possibility that the EU concept is wrong. Why?

Daniels vision doesn’t necessarily call for 10 toes. There is no mention of the number of toes on the statue. It is assumed that there are 10 toes like that of a human being. While this might be considered either a small or big assumption, the fact remains it is an assumption. Why? The vision does not say it describes a man so much as it is a “beast.” So the question can be asked: “How many toes should be on a “beast?” I would answer that by asking: “Who can know, without defining what kind of beast.”

So, the identification of the vision of the Beast of Daniel must remain in doubt, which is probably what God intended until the time when the Antichrist takes control.

For more on the Tony Blair candidacy – LINK HERE(Not Working)

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