Cautions On 2012 Date Setting Theories–7/8/09

Cautions on 2012 Date Setting Theories

Cautions on 2012 Date Setting
July 8, 2009


The A-O Report has recently brought attention to various timing theories for certain elements within Biblical Prophecy. Among such theories are some presented by noted prophecy researcher, David Flynn.

Flynn has conducted research on the Illuminist codes and plans for developing a one-world government designed to bring about the rise of the Antichrist. His research has led to some interesting theoretical conclusions relating to Illuminati (Masonic) numerology suggesting that the Illuminists are keying in heavily on the date of December 21, 2012.

Flynn then hypothesizes that 12/21/2012 is perhaps the middle point for a 2,520 day period of Tribulation as interpolated through Daniel’s prophecies. Flynn then takes a further step and counts backwards 1,260 days to arrive at a starting date for the Tribulation as being July 9.

David has produced a video and a book outlining his research and theoretical conclusions. His efforts are quite intriguing, well-presented and caught the attention of many students of Bible Prophecy. The A-O Report is among many websites that have provided publicity to Flynn’s hypothesis. We respect David Flynn’s research abilities and find his arguments intriguing if not compelling. He may be right. He may also be wrong.

As we approach this initial date of July 9, it is incumbent for any student of Biblical Prophecy to recognize and understand one thing:

Flynn’s research and conclusions are merely hypothetical. Flynn is not a prophet. He does not claim his material to be any sort of Revelation from God. We should not then suppose Flynn’s work is definitive of what will take place.

Flynn’s analysis stems from his theories of Masonic numerology and occult dogmas. Any such conclusions are susceptible to error. He may be wrong in his interpretation and understanding of the numbers and dogmas. It is also possible that while he may be correct, it does not mean that the Illuminists and forces of Antichrist will be able to stick to such a time line. Why?

There is such a thing as the sovereignty of God. God is sovereign and He alone has the final say as to whether and when He will permit Satan’s plans to be initiated.

If Flynn is correct in understanding the plans of the Antichrist forces in bringing about the New World Order within the time frame of 12-21-2012, this does not mean that God will permit the plan to be carried forward on such a time line.

Another thing to keep in mind is that David Flynn’s hypothesis may be incorrect as to the meaning of 12-21-2012. Flynn is assuming that such a date is the midpoint of a Tribulation period. What if it’s the start of the Tribulation period? This is also perhaps a possibility.

It is also a distinct possibility that 12-21-2012 has absolutely no value whatsoever in God’s timeline. It might have value in Satan’s estimated plan, but again, if God chooses to reject such a timing point, then the entire thesis falls apart.

Our reason for publicizing Flynn’s research work, is to provide a heads-up alert to such possibilities – but those of you who are students of prophecy should understand that most timing theories prove to be wrong. The odds are good that Flynn’s conclusions are wrong, yet he does make a very interesting if not compelling case. It’s just important though to remember that Flynn’s work is just theory, not a flat out fact waiting to happen.

It is also important to realize that Flynn may be correct on some elements but not other elements in his conclusions. It is also possible that he may be correct on some or all elements but it is not readily apparent on July 9.
It may not become apparent for days, weeks, months or even until we near the 2012 date itself.

So, keep these thoughts and admonitions in mind as we approach the time frame for Flynn’s theoretical conception of events in the next few days.

R.A. Coombes
The Alpha-Omega Report

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