Bible Prophecy Study Series: The Magog War And Babylon’s Demise-Chap. 4–9/27/12

Bible Prophecy Study Series:


The Magog War


Babylon-America’s Demise



Chapter 4


The Status of Babylon-America

Prior To Divine Judgment



Just before God’s judgment strikes a super-power nation in the “Last Days” identified in scripture as “Babylon, The Great.” The prophetic scriptures describe the situation in Babylon and how it relates to the world around it and to God in the final days leading up to the Great Tribulation, The Antichrist and the Second Coming of Christ.

It is our view that “Babylon, The Great” is none other than the United States and thus we refer to it as “Babylon-America.” We do not give a full explanation proving this conclusion, Instead we refer our readers to our seminal work – the 2-volume (600+ pages of documentation) scholarly work entitled: “America, The Babylon: America’s Destiny Foretold in Biblical Prophecy.” This work is available only in E-book PDF file format on a CD-Rom. It is not available for sale, but we do offer it to those who donate to our website. See our Donations page for details – See the link below:


We will begin our look at this super-power Babylon nation by looking first at Revelation chapter 18 which provides a physical description of Babylon and then we move to parallel passages in Jeremiah chapters 50 and 51.

Our first verse providing identifying insight into this super-power Babylon is found in Revelation, chapter 18 and verse 7.


Rev 18:7

“How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.”

In One Day…

v. 8

“Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong [is] the Lord God who judgeth her.”

Conditions inside Babylon

I. Self Worship

It is important to understand that the woman is a fallen angel, who is of the kosmokrator class in the angelic realm. This entity acts as a guardian of the super-power nation called Babylon as well as a manipulator of the nation’s domestic & foreign policies. The entity manipulates the nation to fit the plans of Satan’s rebellion against the Creator-God of the Universe.

The woman, and by extension Babylon, The Great (nation) has the following attitude:

The woman has manipulated the super-power nation to “glorfiy” itself or in other words, self-glorification. But what does that mean? The original Greek term is the Greek word – “do-ksah-dzoh” – (Strong’s 1392) from the word “do-ksay.”

The English word “doxology” is derived from this Greek term. There are 4 different lexical definitions in the Greek for this word.

1. to think, suppose, be of the opinion
2. to praise, extol, magnify, celebrate
3. to honor, to hold in honor
4. to make glorious, or impart glory to something, to make renowned
a. to cause the dignity and worth of some person or thing to become manifest and acknowledged.

In essence, the original Greek word in this verse indicates national self-worship.

The woman/nation indulges in self-worship. Such activities would take the form  of a pledge of allegiance, national anthem, flag etiquette, president’s song – Hail to the Chief, hand salute, sword salute, gun salute, paintings, statues, etc.

So, our first condition described is “self-worship” in various forms.

Our next term describing the state of the super-power nation is “lived deliciously.”

The Greek word is “stray-nee-ah-oh” = Strong’s #4763 – to live luxuriously, to live in wanton luxury.

The term “widow” is used in the sense that as a super-power nation it has never been conquered and stripped of its inhabitants and its wealth by conquerors.

At the last of verse 7 we find the woman saying “shall see no sorrow.” Here the Greek term fits the English translation rather precisely in relation to the previous point of the nation being sacked and destroyed.

Other Attitudes Derived From Verse 7
Arrogance – “I sit a Queen.”

In Revelation 18, verses 12 and 13 we have a listing of various commodities and Babylon is the world’s marketplace.

By inference, Babylon’s marketplace sets the pricing for the world’s commodities. 28 things are mentioned including human or bodily/physical labor.

“Souls of men” is a phrase describing “ideas.” This would indicate things like advertising, writing and speaking. The Greek term used is the word “pyche” which can also include more than just ideas. It can also include feelings and emotions. So the nation is a nation of ideas, feelings and emotions i.e. cultural matters.

Verse 11 tells us that when Babylon is destroyed the world’s merchants no longer have anyone to buy their merchandise as listed in verses 12 and 13.

There are references in Chapter 18 verses 17 and 19 speaking of sea captains, sailors and ships from around the world coming to Babylon for trade.

From this we can conclude that Babylon was an ocean-faring nation and not a landlocked nation.


Turning to Jeremiah


In Jeremiah 50 we find the following character traits of an end-time super-power Babylon (America).

Verse 2 – “her idols are confounded, her images are broken in pieces.”

Note that she has idols and in God’s judgment they are “confounded” = “yabesh” #3001 = “ashamed” or “put to shame”

Her “images” = gilluwl” = #1541 = idols or idol images … “broken in pieces” = “chathath” = #2865 = to be shattered, broken, dismayed, – with fear.

So her idol deities are put to shame, her idol images are shattered with/from fear.

In Verses 4 through 8 and we find a substantial number of Jews living in Babylon. In verse 28 they are told to flee Babylon prior to the judgment and and to make “Alya” aka to return to the land of their fathers – Israel. This implies that Israel has become a nation again.

Verse 23 – “hammer of the whole earth” is a Hebrew idiom similar to the English idiom “world’s policeman.” So this Babylon nation takes the role as the world’s policeman.

Verses 29 and 31 tell us that Babylon has been proud – against – the Lord.

Verse 32 “I will  kindle a fire in her cities,” indicates that Babylon is more than just a city. The judgment falls not just upon the city of Babylon but against ALL of Babylon’s CITIES – or to better put it – the judgment comes against ALL of the nation, ALL of Babylonia. It is not just about Babylon, the nation’s capital.

In Jeremiah, chapter 51 and verse 13 Babylon is described as a land of fresh waters, i.e. it is not a desert land.

Jeremiah 51:46 speaks of a rumor in the land both in one year and then another. There shall be violence in the land with ruler against ruler.

Verse 47 says that her graven images will be judged and the entire nation will be confounded.

Verse 53 indicates that Babylon has a military capacity that mounts up to outer space.



Babylon is a super-power nation that engages in self-worship, is exceedingly rich, is the engine of wealth for the world’s economy, and is the world’s marketplace for commodities trading. It is a military super-power and as the “hammer of the world,” it is the world’s policeman. Militarily, it has military capabilities that mount up into outer space.

It is the home to a huge Jewish population who are warned to flee back to Israel prior to the judgment. It is also a land of fresh waters, unlike most nations and unlike the desert-nation of Iraq. It is a nation of idols and graven images such as the Statue of Liberty, the Statue of the goddess of Freedom atop the US Capitol dome both of whom are artistic renderings of the Babylonian chief goddess, Ishtar. There is also a statue of Baal standing guard at the entrance to the US Capitol building.

The entire city of Washington, D.C. is an open-air temple dedicated to Babylon’s chief goddess, Ishtar – who was known by her worshipers as “The Mother of the Harlots” and also as “The Great Whore” as well as the “Goddess of Liberty/Freedom” and “Goddess of Immigrants” among dozens of titles associated with Ishtar. America’s founding fathers originally called the US Capitol Building as “The Temple of the Goddess of Liberty.” The goddess Ishtar, according to her earliest worshipers wrote that she was one of the “anunnaki” beings who came down from outer space. They write that these gods and goddesses engaged in sexual activities with humans and created an off-breed race thru genetic, test-tube manipulation. In Genesis chapter 6 we find these same beings were called the “benai ha helohim” and their off-breed race was called “the Nephilim.” In later Old Testament passages these beings were referred to as the Anakim and the Anak. These were terms borrowed from the Babylonian language dialect.


In reality, Daniel and the Apostle Paul referred to these beings as “fallen angels” with different ranks of authority – such as “kosmokrator” (see Ephesians 6:12). Daniel chapter 10 tells us that they are so powerful that they ‘ambushed’ the arch-angel Gabriel and pinned him down for 21 days requiring Arch-angel Michael to rescue him so he could continue to Daniel with a message from God. Gabriel tells Daniel that he was ambushed by the “sar” of Persia (or Kosmokrator). After giving Daniel the divine message, Gabriel tells Daniel that he must now return to oppose the “sar” (kosmokrator) of Greece who would soon be coming onto the world scene.

These angels control and manipulate a nation assigned to them by Satan in order to make that nation bend to Satan’s plans to overthrow the Creator. In the case of Revelation 17, the woman aka the “Whore” or “Mother of the Harlots” is a fallen angel of very high rank who manipulates, controls and guards Babylon-America from Divine truth and understanding.


So now you have an idea of Babylon-America’s status just before God orders judgment on Babylon America – including what may be “pre-judgment” events that precede the main event.


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