Ancient Babylon Or Iraq Can Not Be Mystery Babylon–12/19/04

Ancient Babylon or Iraq Can NOT Be Mystery Babylon

Two More Reasons Why

by R.A. Coombes Author of: “America, The Babylon” Volumes 1 and 2

Updated 12-19-04

In “America, The Babylon” chapter 4 of Volume 2 you will find a chapter entitled: “57 Reasons Why Mystery Babylon Can NOT be Iraq.” Volume 2 was published in 2002 and since its release, a popular wave of interest has developed in the Christian Prophecy publishing world for the theory that Iraq or more narrowly defined by some, “ancient Babylon” is the Mystery Babylon.

One author has published a book on that subject who is familiar at least with Volume 1 of America, The Babylon because he criticized it in an earlier book, but oddly, he couldn’t refute its claims. He tried to make the argument that taking the scriptures literally about Mystery Babylon means that Mystery Babylon’s identity has to be that of ancient Babylon. He admits that Revelation may indeed by using symbolism. We disagree with his literalness notions.

We think Revelation 17 is literally describing America. We think Revelation is referring to the most extended city on an island, which is the farthest out to sea on the approach to its chief city’s harbor. We refer to the city of Babylon, Long Island. No other location in the world has that name. Is it ironic or prophetic that the first inhabited city to come into view from ocean freighters and cruise ships is Babylon?  Of course, this article isn’t about debating that issue but it is one of the minor yet interesting points.

We mentioned one author and note that other authors out there publishing books or articles in the past 2 years apparently are unfamiliar with our books or articles on AO – OR – they’re afraid to respond to it and ignore it, hoping it will go away.

The Volume 2, Chapter 4 article entitled: “57 Reasons” really needs updating because we overlooked one reason. It is arguably the most critically important of all the reasons. It is the most compelling reason of all and it literally kills the debate on the theory regarding Iraq or Babylon as being Mystery Babylon.

There is also another reason why Iraq or ancient Babylon cannot be Mystery Babylon. This last reason is due to developments that have occurred since the publication of Volume 2.

These two reasons actually make the original debate argument add up now to 59 Reasons Why Iraq and Ancient Babylon Can NOT Be Mystery Babylon.

So what are these two reasons and why are they so important? Let’s explore the answer to those questions further.


Reason # 58 Why Iraq Can Not Be Mystery Babylon

The first reason has to do with other prophetic passages. The promises made to Abraham regarding a Promised Land were for Abraham and his descendants and the lands were far more extensive than ever used by Israel up until this point in time.

Often overlooked by many Bible Prophecy “experts” are the prophecies concerning the future borders of Israel when Jesus Christ returns and establishes new borders for Israel’s Millennial Kingdom that will finally fulfill the promises made to Abraham and his descendants.

Israel’s future borders will be extended eastward to encompass much of what today is called Iraq. The area will include all of the old Hittite and Chaldean Empire. Joshua 1:4 notes that it will include “ALL” of the land, which means the ancient site of Babylon and all of Babylonia are to be part of the new Messianic Israel. Scholars now believe that the Chaldeans originally were the Hittites. Not only is the promise made to Abraham in Genesis 15:18-20 [and the Hittite empire is mentioned (which included Babylon) ] but again in Deuteronomy 1:7 to Moses and again to Joshua in Deuteronomy 11:24.

These Messianic prophecies come into direct conflict with the identity theory, which proposes that Iraq or ancient Babylon is the Mystery Babylon of Bible Prophecy. The conflict arises because the Babylon prophecies indicate that the land of Babylon and all of her cities and the land will remain uninhabited forever.

On the other hand, the millennial kingdom land will be inhabited and prosperous. Clearly, we have a problem in linking the two together.

If Mystery Babylon is Iraq and ancient Babylon then it cannot be part of the Messianic Kingdom of Jesus Christ because it cannot be both occupied and unoccupied at the same time. We have a clear-cut contradiction for which the Bible never contradicts itself. The contradiction is a result of misunderstandings, misapplications, and misinterpretations of the scriptural passages.

Were this the only problem, there might be some way of seeing some sort of work-around resolution, theoretically, but in our earlier cited article and chapter there were 57 other reasons listed besides this present one we are discussing and a another equally problematic issue we’ll raise next in this article.
Reason #59 Why Iraq Can Not Be Mystery Babylon

The second of these two reasons we’ve mentioned is one that developed as a result of Gulf War 2, otherwise known as “Operation Iraqi Freedom” in which the USA invaded Iraq in March of 2003 and has maintained empirical control over that conquered nation ever since. Of course, America’s reason was benign. It was only in the name of “nation-building” Iraq into a “democracy” and removing a despot who threatened the world. It had nothing to do with the US wanting to get its hands on the oil. Of course, not, but just remember, pigs can fly, too.

In the American campaign that conquered the land of ancient Babylon, U.S. forces used a radioactive material in its artillery and anti-tank ammunition that has now contaminated large swaths of land in Iraq including the land area of and around the ancient archaeological site of Babylon. The radioactivity is due to US Army special ammunition called “depleted uranium” ammo. The contamination is so serious that it will remain a problem and a serious obstacle to rebuilding that nation for years to come. For more on this issue we have written a special article covering this serious issue. Just click here to read it.

Because of depleted uranium contamination as well as the current turmoil and ethnic splintering, it is not practicable to expect Iraq or ancient Babylon to be rebuilt into the world’s number one super power or world capital for many generations to come. If we indeed are in the “end-times” it is not feasible for the sudden development from scratch of Iraq becoming a world super-power, militarily or economically. Of course, ancient Babylon would have to move south 300 miles and dig a deep harbor in the Persian Gulf to accommodate the big ocean freighters in order to match the description of Revelation 18:9-19. Of course, Iraq has no deep-water ports to accommodate any large ocean freighter or tanker. Oil tankers have to dock at special pipeline facilities about 20 miles from shore because the shoreline areas are just too shallow to accommodate normal commercial ocean vessels (with the exception of fishing boats).

As it now stands, Iraq is on the verge of splintering into perhaps three different states as we enter the year 2005. Again, ethnically speaking, Iraq and its people are not in a position to rapidly, build an entity that meets the prophetic criteria for a future, Mystery Babylon.

Therefore, we find scriptural contradictions to the theory that Mystery Babylon is Iraq or ancient Babylon. We also find extreme contra-indications that Iraq or ancient Babylon could be built into the defined requirements within a few generations.

We also see no practical way for ancient Babylon to become a deep-water ocean port (as per Revelation 18:11-19) when it is 300 miles from the still-shallow shores of the Persian Gulf. Also, remember that Iraq has no deep-water port facilities. Iraq is primarily, and for all practical purposes, a land-locked nation.

The theory that Iraq or ancient Babylon is the future, Mystery Babylon is just that, a theory that contradicts scripture and overwhelmingly fails to meet the 59 points of criteria.

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