America: The Ultimate Mission Field?–9/9/12

America, the Ultimate Mission Field?




America, The Ultimate Mission Field?

Are America’s Churches Also The Ultimate Mission Field?

A radical thought dawned in my mind recently as I interact with local area church pastors concerning Biblical Prophecy and unfolding events in the Middle East.

It seems that America is a mission field in and unto itself. Even America’s churches should be deemed as a “mission” field. Why?

The Church in America is fast asleep when it comes to Biblel Prophecy. The American Church is in denial about prophecy and most churches across America are paying little or no attention at all to the study of Bible Prophecy. What’s more is that most churches, most church pastors and congregation members have no clue in realizing that they are living in Babylon, the Great or as I like to call it, Babylon-America. The same is true for America’s Christian seminaries. Seminary professors are also totally asleep on this subject.

There are a few exceptions. Some churches and church pastors are aware of the possibility that America could be Babylon, but it seems that they are few and far between and comprise only a small portion of the very small proportion of churches and pastors across America who still give much consideration to Bible Prophecy. Of course, it also seems that few churches even bother to hold to sound doctrine and many have drifted away from a correct understanding of salvation. Is it any wonder that American culture is rapidly evolving into total paganism?

I realize that it is hard for a church pastor to face the facts that America fits all the attributes of Babylon, the Great as described in the prophetic scriptures of Jeremiah chapters 50 and 51, Isaiah 13, 14 and 47 along with Revelation chapters 17 and 18, but the facts are facts. America fits the criteria as described in those passages. America is the home base for THE MOTHER OF THE HARLOTS – the fallen angel who presented itself originally to the Babylonians as the goddess Inanna aka Ishtar.

American theology professors, church pastors as well as the few beleivers who study prophecy cling to the notion that the woman of Revelation 17 is an apostate church and not a fallen angel and fellow cohort of Satan. Instead, they look for a future apostate church or a world religion to rise up. Many fail to see that Revelation 18 describes a super-power nation which clings to THE MOTHER OF THE HARLOTS as its symbol for Liberty and Freedom – apart from God.

Of course, American believers as well as church pastors and theologians were always taught a false history of America. We all grew up believing America was God’s second most favorite nation aside from Israel, although some hold to a replacement theology and eliminate Israel from such consideration. From a young age we were taught how wonderful and unique America really is because America permitted the freedom for Christian teaching. America seemed to be a Christian nation.

Why, America even exported more missionaries than any nation in the history of Christianity.
So America couldn’t possibly be Babylon, the Great, could it? No, of course not. America couldn’t possibly be considered by God to be the most evil, wicked nation in human history.

After all, the prophecies describe THE MOTHER OF THE HARLOTS as being the killer of the prophets, the saints and all whoever were slain on the earth and that couldn’t possibly be America.
Of course, they fail to interpret that passage correctly and realize that passage refers to the Harlot who in fact is a fallen angel and the wife or “queen” of Satan. Remember, Satan is considered the King of Babylon (Isaiah 14) and the Harlot is the Queen of Babylon. Satan is considered the “prince of the power of the air” (Ephesians 2:2) and Ishtar/Inanna was called the “Queen of Heaven” – see also Isaiah 47: 5 where the term “lady” in Hebrew could be better translated as “queen” and of course, Revelation 18:7 “I sit a queen.”

So what we have is a total failure by the church in America to recognize it is living in the most wicked nation to ever exist according to the prophetic scriptures. This blindness reminds me of the blindness of the Pharisees who put the Son of God, Jesus Christ, on trial and condemned Him to death.
These were devoutly religious men. They kept the Law of Moses to the letter. Yet, they were blinded to the reality of truth as to the true identity of Jesus. Likewise, the church in America is no different than the Pharisees in the world of Jesus. The Churches of America are steeped in “religiousness” and “worship” but God is not pleased and it is of no consequence in Babylon. The church in America is as blind as the Pharisees of Jesus’ day.

How ironic it is. Believers living in America are oblivious to the true reality of their surroundings just as the Pharisees were blinded and oblivious to the reality of Jesus Christ’s deity and mission from God the Father. The believers, the pastors, the theologians in America, fail to see what God sees in America. Of course, there is little or no scholarship in textual understanding of the original language of the scriptures within the American church. The American Church is heavily financed by the Harlot’s worshipers, the bankers and banking system and by Freemasons who have infiltrated into the churches and seminaries.

With all of this in mind, is it so difficult to recognize that America and indeed America’s Churches are the ultimate “mission” field?



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