2007 Update-Introduction To Overthrowing God

2007 Update – Intro To Overthrowing God Parts 1 and 2


2007 Update


Overthrowing God

Parts 1 and 2


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In April of 2006, A-O published a 2-part article entitled “Overthrowing God – Iran to be Nuked?” At that time,  there were a few articles published, notably by Seymour Hersch of the New Yorker Magazine and other Mideast experts warning that the Bush administration was considering and planning for pre-emptive air strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities to prevent Iran from being able to manufacture their own nuclear weapons.

There were also numerous “intelligence” publications and think-tank groups indicating there would be two windows of opportunity for  a US-led attack would be late spring or early summer and another one in the fall, dependent upon circumstances. Those plans were themselves pre-empted by the outbreak of hostilities, initially between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza and later in July by the Lebanon war with Hezbollah.

The Lebanon war sidetracked Israel and the United States from launching any direct attacks on Iran. Some key A-O insider sources after the war indicated that Bush’s plans had been postponed indefinitely until at least 2007 or 2008 and maybe not at all as the Pentagon and US intelligence agencies analyzed and re-evaluated Iran’s capabilities.

It was also discovered that Iran had developed a sophisticated electronic-warfare capability that neutralized some key US weapons technology. In order to launch military action against Iran with minimal air asset losses, time would be required to develop new electronic counter-measures. Military experts were indicating at least 3 to 6 months to develop and install the new workaround countermeasures. This meant that realistically, the next window of opportunity would not develop until the first part of 2007 at the earliest and maybe not until later in the year or 2008.

Some A-O insider sources within the GOP were indicating that the entire notion of attacking Iran was being waved off by the Bush administration based in part upon signals from Bush’s father’s circle of “Old Guard” advisors, like James Baker, Robert Gates and Henry Kissinger. The signal given was that negotiations should be offered up and attempted first. There were some half-hearted attempts made by the Bush administration as well as by the “Old Guard” and by the British. Those efforts have proven equally non productive not long after the Iraq Commission Report was published.

By Christmas, it was apparent that diplomatic efforts would not succeed and Bush has since chosen to confront Iran by way of the Iraq situation. Which brings us up to the present time frame of early January of 2007 in which once again, we consider the possibility of an American attack on Iran.

Unlike last year, the past 3 weeks have seen a steady drumbeat of signals from the Bush administration of renewed interest and intentions of attacking Iran by using the Iraq crisis as an excuse. What is different this time from that of last year is that


#1. Iran is a year closer to completing its nuclear program

#2. Iran is acquiring a sophisticated, state-of-the-art anti-aircraft defense system from Russia. That system is now being installed and will be completed by Summer of this year. Once it is installed, any US warplanes will be more vulnerable to being destroyed and casualties will likely mount and it will be more difficult to destroy the targets.

#3. Unlike last year, mainstream media is picking up on these potential prospects for a pre-emptive attack and has been reporting on this for the past week or so.

#4. The US is launching new operations in Iraq for what may be a prelude to a US attack on Iran.


Because of these developments, A-O has just posted a new article on the latest Iraq developments involving the elimination of Iranian forces working undercover in Iraq. Link.  In conjunction with that article, A-O is dusting off an old A-O article from the archives posted last April – “Overthrowing God: Parts 1 and 2. Part 1 deals with the overall rational from the Bush administration’s perspective. Part 2 looks at any attempt to attack Iran from a Biblical Prophecy perspective. The main purpose in doing so is to remind our old readers and to highlight for new A-O readers the prophetic implications of any US led attack on Iran. This is particularly important when considering the mainstream media’s articles and stories of  an attack that involves nuclear weapons, which is what Israeli military sources just leaked after the New Year involving Israeli planning and preparations. Therefore, you are encouraged to read the articles at the links listed below.


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